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In the world of eCommerce business, Prestashop is a solution which is freely used by more than about 125,000 online stores across the globe. Prestashop comprises of a good record and is also bestowed with the award of the best open source e-commerce application in 2010 and also the best open source business application in the 2011 open source award.

It comprises of over 275 features, and they are efficiently developed, to increase business runners sales with the least amount of effort required. One benefit which you will get is that all the software features are cost free. The software is mainly based on the Smarty template engine, something which is extensively employed in in more that about 100,000 shops all over the globe.

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prestashop development

This is a specialized in GNU i.e. General Public License and was triggered off in the year 2007 for medium sized as well as small sized business. This software supports numerous imbursement payment systems such as PayPal, payment pro via API, Skrill, Google checkout. This is employed in Apache Web server as well as the latest version with the PHP and MySQL.

It is available in about 41 languages, but only two languages, namely English and French have its full formats. AJAX is extensively employed in the admin panel of this software. Plus Module blocks can also be added to it easily to supply with some extra functionality.

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