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In today’s market, Web Analytic Services is vital. Google, LinkedIn and eBay were the first three to make use of this experiment. After than many followed and the numbers in front of us state that the results have been so far quite positive. These analytic services help define who you are and what grounds do you hold in the market.

So if you are a data-driven business runner and desire to know how to measure it, the dedicated group at B M Softwares are ready to lend you that helping hand. We are all driven by the success of our clients. We have all the resources as well as people who will give you an in-depth analysis regarding both quantitative as well as qualitative data which makes your business better.

"Our analytics service will make you aware of your appearance to the world ."

Testing and Reporting

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We give you our round the clock website to check for yourselves our exclusive services. Plus, we have experts who are ready to listen as well as go through whatever requirements you lay down. Our experts have conducted numerous analytical presentations for various companies and will surely come to your aid. You can also talk to our experts and state them about your requirements vocally.

B M Softwares promises to fulfill all your requirements. We love all our clients and tend to them with a 100% dedication. So if you are a business owner who is searching for an experienced analytics expert, B M Softwares is the company to look for. Just check out our cost effective services. You will not be left disappointed.

Some of our analytical services include:

  • Analytics maturity assessments
  • Goal/KPI workshops
  • Measurement strategies
  • We implement audit as well as optimization
  • We do data management as well as tag management
  • Reporting automation, data visualization as well as dashboards also forms a part of our services
  • We give search marketing booster, conversion insights, testing and UX, content performance audits, attribution modeling and also marketing campaign performance analysis

  • High-quality experts will tend to your requirements:

    We believe that we are familiar with all the latest trends which are being followed in the market. Our experts have knowledge Adobe Analytics, snowplow, R and Big Query, Google analytics.

    Cost effective packages

    Another benefit which you will get is that we give you all the services at extremely effective prices. Our experts will try their level best to provide you quality-proven solutions at minimum rates. We value your precious time and your inquiry and promise to respond within the next business day.

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