Best Telemarketing Call Center Software:

Best Telemarketing Call Center Software: 

2016 Download Reviews

Which are the best telemarketing software applications for ecommerce marketing managers in 2016? What are predictive dialing software and virtual hosted call center systems? Can these software programs provide low-cost telemarketing solutions for small business owners? How about their costs and effectiveness? This article will provide simple answers for these questions and an easy to use guide for comparing and downloading the top-rated telemarketing software solutions.

Today new technologies have largely increased the efficiencies and reduce the operating costs of sales lead telemarketing. These technologies include telesales lead generation, predictive dialers, IP auto dialing, and virtual hosted network call center solutions.

Predictive Dialers Software Solutions for IP Telemarketing Call Centers

Predictive dialing is an advanced auto-dialer technology for telemarketing campaigns of call centers. A predictive dialer software program can automatically dial a group of numbers, discard unanswered calls, busy and disconnected lines and answers from fax machines, and pass the calls answered by potential customers to waiting sales agents.


Computer technologies provide low-cost solutions for predictive dialing services. An IP call center can largely reduce its telephone bills by using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. On the other hand, virtual hosted call center solutions can reduce the expenditure of telephone dialers and computer hardware.

Best Call Center Dialers Software for Telemarketing Business in 2016: Download and Reviews

The top telemarketing software tools for 2016 include Touchstar Call Center, Voicent Communications AgentDialer, Acarda Outbound Telemarketing Dialer, iTMS Telemarketing CRM Software, and Vanillasoft Telemarketing Software. Touchstar Call Center and Voicent Communications AgentDialer provide fully-featured VoIP predictive and automatic dialers software solutions. iTMS Telemarketing CRM Software mainly focuses on the performance of customer relationship management. Most of these network call center systems provide free-trial editions. A user can download and try them for free before buying a right one.

A commercial telemarketing call center application could cost hundreds of US dollars. Some software companies also provide software as a service (SAAS) module that allow user to pay monthly for telemarketing solutions. For example, iTMS Telemarketing CRM Software provide an edition that priced at $65 a month.

Though the top commercial telemarketing software programs have good performance and high cost effectiveness, sometimes they could be too expensive for a small business marketing manager who is looking for a low-cost or free solution. In this circumstance, he or she can choose an open source software application for sales lead marketing.

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