Writing And Marketing An eBook For Your Blog

Writing And Marketing An eBook For Your Blog. Offering a free report or an eBook on your blog is a great way to increase traffic and subscribers. However, if your aim is to make money from your blog, eBooks are simple to produce and can be a profitable source of revenue. The challenge is to translate your blog content into an interesting and quality eBook that people will want to buy. You need to stand out from the competition and offer your readers something special, that is ideally going to solve a problem for them.

Preparing to Write an eBook for your Blog

If you’re going to sell a product like and eBook on your blog, you need to do some research before you sit down and start writing. Read through the comments on your most popular blog posts and try to find a theme or problem that people have identified. Your aim is to provide an eBook that is going to help your readership and build your reputation as a subject expert.

People who buy your eBook need to know there’s something in it for them – that they’ll benefit in some way. Otherwise why would they buy it? If you don’t provide a quality eBook, you might have customers asking for refunds and run the risk of damaging your reputation. It’s also likely that you’ll lose readers, which no blog owner ever wants to happen.


Writing an eBook for your Blog

An eBook that is well written and concise is what you should aim for. There’s no minimum or maximum length, it all depends on your content and what you have to offer. eBooks can be anything from 10 pages to 100. The content should drive the length, not the other way around.

If you’re using posts from your blog as the basis of your eBook, update and polish them to ensure they flow together smoothly.If you’re writing your eBook from scratch, make sure it is consistent with the content on your blog. There’s no point writing a book that isn’t relevant to your audience.

Cross Promote your Blog and eBook

Don’t forget that your eBook is a marketing tool. Make sure that your blog’s URL is included throughout your eBook. Place your URL on the cover, in the header and footer and throughout the text. The same rule applies to the name of your blog. Include your name in each chapter title and of course, in the title of your eBook.

Once you’ve completed your eBook, feature it on your blog. Launch your eBook in a post and offer it to subscribers at a reduced rate. Encourage readers to review your eBook, and write a series of blog posts to discuss each chapter. People will be more likely to buy your eBook if they see lively discussion and recommendations from fellow readers.

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