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Article Marketing: Search Engine Marketing With Content and One-Way Links


One of the easiest and least expensive Internet marketing techniques is article marketing. It can be extremely effective for promoting any type of website whether it’s an affiliate site, a blog or a commercial website.

The premise is simply to write articles that will be used to both advertise the site or items being sold on the site and include a link back to that site. The link provides a backlink which helps to raise the page rank of the website. The major search engines count the number of links to a website when deciding which sites should come first in a

Submitting to Article Directories

One way to publish articles is to post them to article directories. Article directories have different requirements as far as acceptable subject matter and required article length. However, most of them do accept a wide range of topics and accept anything that is not plagiarized and overly promotional.

Most articles submitte

d to article directories follow the standard Web article guideline of 400-600 words. The articles contain a resource box at the end of the piece that contains the backlink. Some article directories allow two or three links in the box.

The articles may attract readers who click the links, or it may attract other people engaged in Internet marketing who will reprint the article on their page- links and all. This gives the marketer still more backlinks each time someone reprints the article. Directories are easy Internet marketing tools because they generally have a high page rank and can therefore offer high-quality one-way links.

Blogs and Search Engine Marketing

Blogs rank well with search engines because of the regular influx of new content. This makes blogs an ideal place to post articles to be used in Internet marketing. A blog post is very much like an article, though a more casual style of writing is usually expected on blogs. A blog post that promotes a website or a writer who has a website of interest can bring a lot of traffic to that website.

The website marketing comes in when the article links back to another site with either internal links in the article or a sidebar that contains the links. This can be a powerful form of search engine marketing when the blog achieves a high page rank and makes the links valuable for achieving page rank.

Website Marketing Options

Another way to utilize a blog for search engine marketing is to write a guest post on a popular blog with a high page rank and a steady readership. The article is simply published on another person’s blog, with their permission, and the writer’s name is linked to their website. This makes the article rank high in search engine queries, it makes the link worth more than a link on a lesser-ranked site and it attracts curious readers into clicking on the link.

Other options include buying established blogs or websites that have high page ranks and publishing articles and links on those. There are many sites that sell or auction off established websites that already have a readership.

Article marketing is generally the most cost effective way to engage in website marketing. The only costs are the costs of a writer for the articles and article submitting software if it is used. Other forms of advertising generally cost much more and don’t necessarily have the chance of going viral the way that articles do.



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