Best Web Analytic Tools and Services Comparison

Web analytic tools are inevitable in today’s web scenario where it is not only necessary to keep track of visitors on a website but also to monetize the website in the most profitable way (How Web Analytic Tools and Services Work).

A very interesting thing about the web analytic tools is the different features of different tools. Some of the best web analytic tools and their special features are discussed below.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics has become a standard in the world of web tracking. All the necessary data is shown in the Google Analytics’ dashboard like page views, unique visitors, bounce rate, time spent on the site, geographical traffic information and more useful information. The tool is also helpful in identifying the revenue potential of website and the loopholes involved. The dashboard and other interfacing features are easy to use and real time.

Compete Web Analytic Tool

The special feature of Compete is its features helpful in determining the position of the website in comparison to the other websites. The website helps in knowing the key search engine optimization strategies of the competing websites. It also contains the widgets like iGoogle and Netvibes.

Quantcast Web Analytic Tool

The special feature of this tool is to give the demographic data about the website’s visitors like location, gender, education, income and age. This data can be helpful in attracting advertisers who want to target a specific group of visitors. The tool also helps in the content management of the website like videos, widgets and games.


Feedburner helps to monetizing and managing blogs, podcasts and publications which use feeds. The data measured gives the information about reach and circulation. It also helps in podcast optimization. In 2007, Google’s official blog announced its official blog about the acquisition of Feedburner.

More Web Analytic Tools

Other popular web analytic tools available are as follows.

  • Piwik – an open source web analytic application
  • FireStats – it helps in creating custom apps and publishing platform components
  • Snoop – a desktop based application
  • Yahoo Web Analytics – an alternative to Google Analytics
  • BBClone – a simple, server-side web analytic tool which does not rely on third party
  • Woopra – Currenly in beta stage, it offers along with statistics an interactive website user interface
  • JAWStats – a server based Web analytics application which also helps improve server performance
  • 4Q – An interactive web analytic tool which provides statistical data plus website user details
  • MochiBot – a free web analytic tool designed in Flash
  • Grape Web Statistics – a simple, open source application for web analytics

Choosing the Best Web Analytic Tool

Every web analytic tool offers unique features for the web owner’s dispense. Thus, it is important to choose best web analytic tool according to the website, server, system compatibility, competition with other websites and the amount of statistics required.

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