Define the Objective of Article Marketing: 4 Latest Strategies for Online Article Writing

Writing articles and submitting them to article directories is a proven method to generate traffic for websites. Writing articles also helps in developing the author’s personal brand as an expert in the subject. While it is mandatory to write on topics which are relevant and useful to the target audience, one must also write to a plan. There are four latest strategies which one must adopt to make article writing more effective.


Keep Objective of Writing Article in Mind

Always remember that articles are written in order to generate more traffic for the site which in turn brings more income. One might write in order to develop an expert perception but eventually one would like to translate that to cash flow. Therefore, while it is important to share valuable information with prospects; one must not go overboard and forget the main intention. If one provides all the information in the article, then the prospect has no incentive to visit the website.

Further, learn the 5 R’s of Article Writing.

Use Keywords Appropriately

One may have great content which is relevant to the target audience but if one does not use the right keywords within the content, chances are that the article will not appear in the search results. There are two approaches to using keywords. The first is to write the sentences using the keywords. The other approach is to write the article first and then tweak the sentences so that one can incorporate the keywords. In any case, ensure that the keywords are used in the title, introduction, and the main content of the article.

Write Articles in a Conversational Tone

If the intention is to develop personal branding with article writing, one must project an image of someone who is helping people to become successful in their field. The author must come across as an individual who provides information which is valuable and useful to the target audience. So blatant advertising of the business and products should be avoided. One can adopt a soft conversational tone to address the audience. Think of the audience as a friend and share information for his benefit.


Experiment Often with Different Writing Styles

If one really wants to be successful in article writing and article marketing, one must be able to write in different styles to attract different cross sections of the audience. Most writers have their natural style which they do not vary. However, if one takes the effort to experiment with style one might increase the list of prospects multiple times.

If one incorporates the above four strategies in writing articles, one can develop a genuine uniqueness in content.

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