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The 5 R’s of Marketing Articles: How to Get the Maximum Results from Article Writing

Article marketing is one of the cornerstones of every online marketing strategy. Executed in the right manner, it has tremendous impact on the traffic generated and in turn, the revenue generated from the website. Here are the 5 R’s of article marketing.


Right Category: Put the Articles in the Appropriate Category of Article Directory

Categorization of articles is a must while submitting them to a website like hubpages.com. If one submits the article in the wrong category, the chances diminish that the article will appear in search results. In order to select the right category for the article, one can browse through the articles in categories which seem relevant. One will then discover content which is similar to the article one has written and thus discover the right category.

Resource Box Info: Write an Attractive Bio

This is the place where one can create an impression about one’s expertise on the potential prospect. One must write an attractive short bio about who one is and what one’s intention is in writing articles. If one projects oneself as a person who helps others succeed, then it is a powerful branding. One could go through bios of popular authors and then compose one’s own piece.

Resounding Title: Compose an Interesting Title

Many people find it easy to compose titles. However, it is one of the most difficult things to do. People find it easy because they underestimate the importance of the title. The title is as important if not more than the content of the article because it is the first step to attracting the target prospect to read the article. Make sure that one composes unique and catchy titles, otherwise they will be lost in the search results.

Relevant Content: Give the Readers What They are Looking For

Writing relevant content is hugely important if one wants to impress prospects. It is not enough to simply pick up a few ideas from other authors and compose the content. Chances are that the prospect has read through those ideas earlier and therefore would not find anything new in it. Therefore, it is important that one develops one’s expertise to write relevant and valuable content.


Right Grammar: Use Language Correctly

Great content but bad language usually destroys an article. It is not enough to have great ideas, it is equally important to be able to present them in an interesting and attractive manner. It is recommended that a conversational and informal style of writing is adopted. This is because one can connect with prospects easily if one addresses them as a friend or peer. It does not help to preach from a high pedestal.

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