Find the Best Email Marketing Services

Send Newsletters and Promotions for Better Traffic and Sales

Email marketing services are used to expand the business website traffic. They are best used for websites with a product foundation, and the ones that need extra sales for a boost in revenue. Email marketing services are also good for promotions and advertising new products. Some large companies can do these promotions using internal department staff, but there are some exceptional services available for websites that do not have the resources for self-made email marketing services.

Each of the email marketing services has approximately the same services and prices. The distinction is made in customer service and the company’s ability to avoid spam filters. The best email marketing campaign should have a “unsubscribe” option for email recipients. Having an unsubscribe function improves the reputability of the email marketing service. To improve the chances of promotions to pass filters, companies should use an “opt-in” list. This list is a group of customers who have agreed to receive promotional emails or newsletters.

iContact – Email Marketing Services Made Simple

iContact is one of the more highly rated email marketing services. The company incorporates several systems that benefit companies looking to promote products as well as end users who don’t want to receive the emails any longer. iContact provides a console where the webmaster can manage email campaigns, bounced mail, message scheduling and email marketing articles for people new to the service. The email marketing service starts at $9.95 per month, but the company also offers a free month trial.

Benchmark Email Marketing Services

Benchmark Email has all the features that iContact has, except they articles and integration instructions are more intuitive. This email marketing service is also well rated by consumers. Benchmark offers a drag-and-drop component, which is intuitive for Windows users. Benchmark offers free newsletter and email HTML templates. The simplest service starts at $9.95 per month, but this only covers 600 email contacts. A more feasible plan is available for $19.95 per month and covers 2,500 email contacts each month.

Lyris (Formerly Email Labs) – Best for List Management

Email Labs was a list management website that is now doing business as Lyris. The website allows webmasters to upload email templates including HTML formats. The webmaster then uploads the email list and matches it with the template’s fields. This provides a simple list management and email marketing service for people with large amounts of customers.

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