How to Link a Weebly Website to a Google Analytics Account


Generating income with a website requires strategy, however, and a willingness to change the website details according to page views and traffic. To keep tabs on the website’s traffic, each user can quickly link their Weebly web pages with a Google Analytics account.

The Free Weebly Website

  1. After registering and creating a website with Weebly, the user will log in to their account. The view shows a version of the user’s website with editing toolbars at the top.
  2. With a click of the “Setiings” tab, the screen will darken and a box will appear titled “Edit Site Settings”.
  3. The “General” portion of the settings should already be open, with the user’s website address displayed. The user will copy this address for upcoming use.
  4. Next, the “Search Engine” portion of settings should be opened. This should reveal two recipient fields that accept code.
  5. The field labeled “Footer Code” will be the bigger box, with words beneath that read: “(ex: Google Analytics Tracking Code)”, with the link to Analytics colored blue.
  6. Click the blue Google Analytics link and a new window will pop up. The Weebly settings box is still waiting in the background for the final steps of this guide.

Linking to Google Analytics

  1. After hitting the blue button to “Access Analytics”, the user will now log in to their previously registered Analytics account.
  2. Once the Analytics Settings screen is reached, the user should scroll to the right to click on the “+Add new profile” button on top, above the Analytics table.
  3. Now the user will see the “Create New Website Profile” page, with an empty “Profile Name” field waiting near the middle of the page. This is the field to paste the copied Weebly website address.
  4. Once the address is properly pasted in, the “Continue” button is clicked at the bottom of the page.
  5. Google Analytics loads a page with an automated code for “A single domain”, which should now be selected and copied by the user.

Creating Personal Website Tracking

  1. Switching again to the Weebly Settings window, the code is then pasted into the “Footer Code” field.
  2. The “Save” button at the bottom of the Settings box should be clicked, and the Settings box itself eliminated.
  3. With the personal website screen back in view, the user will click the orange “Publish >>” button in the editing toolbar.
  4. The user should now bring the Analytics Window to the front one more time to click “Save & Finish”

Track Revenue From the Adwords and Adsense Programs

A yellow exclamation mark will remain next to the website address on the Analytics Settings table, even though the hard work has been done. Within 24 hours, Google will alert the user by e-mail to announce that the Weebly website is connected to Google’s Adwords and Adsense programs.


That is the signal to begin happy tracking of Adsense statistics and revenue. Of course, it is also possible to use similar techniques to link Google Sites web pages to a Google Analytics account too.

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