Create a Stockpile of Blog Posts


Write Web Content in Advance to Avoid Becoming Overwhelmed

Day in and day out a blog will continually require fresh web content. This realization may cause dread to set in and, once that happens, then a blogger will be that much more likely to draw a blank when trying to write blog posts. That flashing cursor will seem to taunt them as they try to think of something, anything to write.

Stockpile Blog Posts to Get Ahead of the Game

One very good way to combat this problem is to follow the example set by syndicated columnists and cartoonists. That is to adopt the practice of stockpiling blog content for months in advance. There are three very good reasons that columnists and cartoonists adhere to this practice and bloggers should too.

  • If creativity isn’t flowing, then there is no need to force it. With several weeks worth of blog posts already finished, a blogger can simply try to write additional web content another day when they are feeling more creative.
  • If a blogger is unable to post due to illness, then their blog will keep updating without fail. Once they recover, then they can continue writing and stockpiling blog posts.
  • That old saying about all work and no play is all too true. Everyone needs a vacation every once in a while and writing blog content ahead of time allows bloggers the freedom to take time off on occasion.

Don’t Put Off Writing Blog Content Until Tomorrow

Now, just because a blogger has a stockpile of blog posts that doesn’t mean that they should become complacent and fall into the trap of not writing additional content. The temptation will be there to avoid writing for days and weeks on end if they know that they have web content automatically posting to their blog. After all, wouldn’t it be more fun to watch television, go shopping, or go to the movies than write web content?

Allowing themselves to fall into this trap will be counterproductive and defeat the purpose of stockpiling blog posts. Eventually they will run out of web content and then where will they be? Stuck trying to come up with posts on the spot, which is exactly what they were trying to avoid. Allowing that scenario to occur will just get them back where they started and accomplish nothing.


That is way it is so important for a blogger to be ensure that they are continually adding to their stockpile or blog posts. That way they will always have blog content just waiting to automatically be published. This simple practice will remove a lot of pressure and will allow them to enjoy blogging without becoming overwhelmed.

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