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Benefits of an Email Marketing Campaign

Fortunately for many businesses, there is a big difference between a successful email marketing campaign and “spam”. Whereas spam involves sending emails to anyone about anything, a successful email campaign is focused, direct and specific to a given demographic. In essence, email targets potential customers about issues that interest them most.

What distinguishes email from spam and how does a company ensure its focusing its attention on interest parties? Well, aside from the fact that spam annoys its recipients and is widely regarded as a nuisance, email marketing is only intended to be sent to new or existing customers.

What Happens When a Potential Customer Visits a Website or Blog?

When individuals visit a website or blog, their decision to purchase isn’t always immediate. In some cases, it can take multiple visits before someone finally decides to move forward on a purchase. However, by and large, the moment someone leaves a site, the less likely they’ll follow through with buying anything. So, how does email help to increase the likelihood that these customers will come back and place an order?


Email Marketing is Customer Focused

Companies that gather email addresses are able to immediately follow up online visits with product information that the visitor may not have had a chance to read. In addition, they allow businesses to provide additional information on best practices, product insight and allow them to include a company newsletter. The approach is to provide interested parties with critical information.

Email Marketing Shortens Sales Cycles

Shortening the time it takes to locate and close on sales is another added benefit. It’s extremely expensive to find and keep customers. In fact, the costs of finding customers is often the most important aspect of business success. The ability to find customers faster, and close sales sooner, is yet another benefit.

Email Marketing Up-Sells Other Products & Services

Being able to up-sell different products and services is perhaps the most recognized benefit of email marketing. It allows companies to introduce new products and provide discounts to incentivize existing customers to follow through with a purchase. Product introductions are essential to increasing market share.

Email is The Most Cost Efficient Method of Reaching Customers

Without a doubt, email marketing campaigns are cost efficient and the least expensive method of reaching and attracting new business. When measured against other online marketing approaches, email wins out easily when looking at a company’s marketing ROI (Return on Investment).

When businesses look to reduce their costs of finding and keeping existing customers, nothing compares to the benefit of email. There’s little to no overhead costs other than the costs of maintaining and keeping the email list itself. It’s an easy and cost effective way to reach customers and keep them coming back for more.

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