Social Media Sites for Web Designers


Web Designers Getting Exposure Through Social Media Websites

It is a fact that more and more web designers are getting fond of web-design related social media sites. The web designer is however confused with a multiplicity of choice as lately there is a phenomenal increase in the number of social media sites.

As there are far too many social media sites, the larger question is which of these sites should a web designer target? The answer is the web designer must exercise discretion and then ‘pick and choose’ the most appropriate sites.

Choosing the Right Social Media Sites

Choosing the right media sites is, for any web designer, a thankless task. May be following a step-by-step formula will help a web designer to decide and prioritize the right social media websites.

  • Shortlist the most appropriate keywords relevant to the designer’s website
  • Prepare a list of social media sites and preferably visit each one of them and search for all the chosen keywords.
  • Certain social media sites will prove very positive and produce excellent results while a few sites will be disappointing.
  • The websites that showed poor results will have to be obviously deleted and the web designer should concentrate on the social media sites that offered encouraging results.
  • The web designer must spend time to check the selected social media sites for competitors’ content.

Now it should be possible to come up with a list of social sites that the web designer can focus on. Make sure the final list of chosen social media websites is neither too large nor too small. If the list is unduly large, it will be ludicrous to provide a huge number of buttons on the website. If the list is too small, there will be a tendency to spam when targeting these sites.

Few Social Media Sites for Web Designers

It is rather unfortunate that several social media sites have lost charm today and become somewhat distorted through overuse. This is not to say that there are no useful social media sites left. Here is a list of social media sites that still hold potential for web designers to generate quality traffic:


  • Design-newz is a site that has lately come up but is fast catching the attention of many Web designers because of the wealth of information it provides.
  • Hacker News contains a plethora of very informative web design articles.
  • Good Tutorials offers a range of programs and design tools that have earned praise from many web designers. It should also be stated that this site is being acknowledged as one of the largest online tutorial sites.
  • Graphic Design Links, as the name suggests, is more intended for graphic designers and photographers. It is replete with design blogs, design links and tutorials.
  • CSS Leak is a social media site Web designers are fascinated with because of its inspirational gallery showcasing some of the most outstanding designs out on the web. The web designers get an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the current design trends.
  • Tweako carries rich and exhaustive information about web design. This is a much sought-after site by web designers, programmers and other internet addicts.
  • Dotnetkicks may be called a democratic site as the entire content is supplied and managed by the user community.
  • Design Float is dedicated wholly for web design. It is doubtful whether Design Float will help generate traffic but it is a social media site useful for acquiring some excellent knowledge about web design.

Quite a few of the sites mentioned, if reports are to be believed, are very productive and receive considerable traffic. Some analysts even opine, though it may be construed controversial, that the traffic one can receive from these sites will be more and of better quality than either Digg or Reddit.

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