Top 3 Tips for Building Responsive Email Marketing Lists



Getting people to join a list is the easy part. Getting contacts to subscribe to that list, stay on the list and spread the word about the particular marketer and his business is the tricky part. A responsive email marketing list can be the lifeblood of an online business. The list does not have to be huge to generate income, but it does have to be made up of contacts who are engaged with the list owner and the niche content he is offering in his newsletters. There are three principal ways to build more responsive email marketing lists.

Email List Management

Before even beginning to build a contact list, a target audience must be determined. Communication with contacts on the email marketing list must be laser-targeted to the particular niche of interest that drew them in the first place. In other words, if the opt-in offer was for a free eBook about how to build a better blog that will generate income, then future email newsletters should be centered on building more efficient blogs.

Rather than trying to be all things to all people, find a niche; ideally a niche that will fill a need among fellow Internet marketers. Create quality products and newsletter content that contacts can really utilize immediately in their own lives to increase their marketing success. A chief goal is to keep contacts as interested over time as they were on the first day they subscribed to the email list. Always keep in mind why these people originally opted in and keep giving them more of what they want.

Consistent Contact

Commit to a consistent schedule for broadcasting newsletters. Once a month is too seldom and contacts may not even remember subscribing to the email list. Going two weeks between messages and there is a risk of losing contacts’ interest. Broadcasting a pertinent newsletter once every week, works really well. Let contacts know they can expect an informative email to show up in their inbox every Monday or every Thursday; and stick with the schedule. The consistency builds a sense of trust and relationships are formed.

When contacts know they can expect to receive a newsletter on the same day every week, they will begin to make room for it in their schedule and they will start to look forward to it. Be consistent with content; give them as much information as possible with each message sent and ask them to take some kind of action every time. The call to action can simply be to click on the link to the latest article or to leave a comment on the latest blog post. Do not try to sell them something in every message sent.

Make It Personal

Contacts want to know the person on the other end of all those richly informative newsletters. Ideally they should feel personally connected with the person from whom they have chosen to receive important information. Do not be afraid to share personal events, good or bad, with contacts. They will be much more responsive when they can empathize and relate to the person sending them weekly emails.

Try to include a photo, audio or video in each newsletter; especially with new contacts. Sharing images and audio is a vital part of contacts getting to know and trust the person on the other end of the emails.

All About Relationships

Building responsive email lists is all about building relationships with contacts. Consistently provide quality, useful information about the topic of interest. Try to be one step ahead of the curve and always be on the lookout for new information to share with contacts.

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