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Marketing to Customers With Automated Email


Effectively Using the Internet, Email and Social Media to Advertise The internet may have depersonalized some business communication, but in other areas it has helped customers keep in touch with businesses. Automated email messaging products, when used correctly, can improve the business’ bottom line and keep customers happy. Several guidelines are offered below to help business owners automate the process of sending emails, generate new customers using Facebook and Twitter, and strategically utilize traditional forms of communication such as telephones and faxes.

Automate Email Messages

No doubt there is efficiency in using automated email systems. These systems are designed to let the business set up a series of pre-drafted emails at specified intervals, as well as broadcast targeted emails at any time. Email lists can be generated from webpages that capture prospective customers’ emails and begin sending automatic emails. Make sure any automated system used has an “opt-in” and “opt-out” feature to keep the business out of trouble.

Be careful not to overload customers with an aggressive automated email campaign. Allow at least several days between email messages. The best days to send business related emails are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The mid-week days are when the most people are in their offices and actively opening email, including part-time and furloughed workers.

Generate New Customers Using Social Media

Offer Coupons, discounts and freebies using free Facebook and Twitter accounts. Setting up the free accounts is relatively easy to do, and someone in the company is probably familiar enough with one of them to send regular business updates through a dedicated business Facebook or Twitter account. Post updates to inform users of the businesses’ webpage location or email address. Similar to the automated email, use Facebook and Twitter updates with restraint. Existing customers do not want to be overloaded with information.

Retaining Customers With Email Marketing

Use automated email to offer special discounts to customers and to ask for feedback. Develop a regular e-newsletter to announce changes and improvements in products and services. When possible, highlight a particular customer or innovative product of the month, to personalize the newsletter. Always offer customers a way to share the newsletter or email with others, as a way to grow the email list.

Summary of Effective Internet Marketing Strategies

Automated email and social media posting certainly have merit as marketing tools and are good ways to keep in touch with customers. Take care not to overdo the number or intensity of messages. Make sure to follow up occasionally with phone calls and in-person meetings. Offer free products or coupons through Twitter, Facebook and e-newsletters. Ask customers for regular feedback to keep customers happy.

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