What Topic Should a New Website Be About?


Build a New Website

Starting a Website

When starting up a website, often it is hard to decide what the website should be about. With so many interests and topics available, building a website around just one idea may prove to be a difficult task.

Build a Website with Passion

The website being built should be about something that is of interest to the website owner. In that way the passion for the subject is passed on to all of the website visitors when the topic is discussed.

Be assured that any website built will be of interest to someone surfing the web. If it is of interest to one person, undoubtedly it will be of interest to someone else. Even if the website being built is solely about making money, there are still people out there who are bound to share the enthusiasm for the topic.

An example of a website built around the topic of ‘making money’ could involve other people interested in making money and support could be offered for each person involved in various projects. Money-making videos or e-books could be offered for sale, subscription newsletters, reports, or many other items could be involved in making a substantial profit from that type of website.

Looking for Website Ideas

When looking for website ideas and after an idea or two has been batted around, the next thing to do to aid in the final decision making process is for a little research to be performed. On the web type in the search words that relate to the topic being considered. Find out how much competition there is in the given niche. Look to see what those websites are offering.

Perhaps the existing websites offer a general overview of the subject considered. Maybe a new website could be focused on a more targeted area on the same subject. For instance, if the initial idea for the new website is on fly-fishing, the competition may have a website that tells the visitor about how to fly-fish, where the best places for fly-fishing are, and the equipment needed for the sport.

Possibly a new website could be all about a more precise area within the fly-fishing market—say, about how to make fly-fishing lures. This website could describe the techniques used to make fly-fishing lures, the best ones to catch certain fish, where to get the equipment needed to make the lures, where visitors can get kits to make the lures, etc. The potential to make a profit in this area is obvious. Offering a specific and narrow topic can prove to create a very profitable website.

Keyword Research

As keyword research is conducted, also look for which keywords are being used for the niche subject. Are there keywords that would be better suited to this niche that are not being used? Also research to find out how many people are using the keywords that relate to the topic.

The new website should be built around a niche that is popularly searched, but not one that is too general. The competition for the general keywords, such as ‘pets’ or ‘travel’ is too great for a new-comer to break into. As mentioned, a more

pin-pointed, narrowed down topic is more advisable.

Build a Money-Making Website

Whatever topic is chosen to center the new website around, a little work will be required to get it set up properly. Not only does the website require content about the topic, but also graphics will be needed to interest the visitors—as well as a way for money to be made included. Products could be offered for sale (through either direct marketing or affiliate sales), self-written e-books could be sold, subscriptions for newsletters or magazines could be offered, sales for video or audio information included, or any number of other money-making projects could be added to make the site profitable.

When the decision is made and the keyword research has been done, the website is ready to be built. By doing the research properly, there is a greater chance of success in building a new money-making website and internet empire.

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