How to Install WordPress Using Fantastico


Get a Blog up and Running With Only a Few Clicks.When looking for a web host a blogger should be sure to select one that offers cPanel with Fantastico. With those two resources, installing a WordPress blog will be as simple as entering a little bit of information and clicking a few buttons.

Stop Wondering How to Install WordPress and Start Doing It

The following steps are presented as a walk-through of the installtion process to illustrate just how easy it is to get WordPress up and running. By following these steps, a blogger can have their own blog online in mere minutes.

  1. A blogger should first type the URL for their web hosting control panel into the address bar. Next, enter the username and password in the log-in box.
  2. Click on the link labeled Fantastico. In some versions of cPanel the link may be labeled Fantastico De Luxe.
  3. Here the blogger will need to look through the list of links until they locate the one labeled WordPress.
  4. From this page they should now click on the link labeled New Installation.
  5. In the first text box, the blogger should type the name of the folder where they would like to install WordPress. If they would like their blog to be accessible when visitors type in their base URL, then nothing should be entered in this box.
  6. Now the blogger should enter the username and password that they would like to use when logging in to the admin area of their blog.
  7. The blogger should next enter the name that they would like to appear when they publish posts on their blog.
  8. After that, they will need to type in their email address, the name of their blog, and a short description.
  9. After all of the aforementioned information has been supplied, they should then click Install WordPress.
  10. On the next screen, the blogger should verify all information before proceeding. If everything looks right, then they can click Finish Installation to proceed.

Ready to Blog Thanks to cPanel and Fantastico

Once WordPress has finished installing, a confirmation notice will then appear on the screen. That is really all there is to it. After taking only a few minutes to follow ten simple steps a blogger can easily have their own WordPress installation online and ready to go. All it takes is a web host that offers cPanel and Fantastico.

Upgrading WordPress is Equally Easy

It seems like a new version of WordPress is always being released. They come out so often that it would be quite bothersome for bloggers to manually install each and every upgrade. Luckily, Fantastico can be used for upgrading as well. Once again, all that is required is to click a link or two and the installation is completely up-to-date.

When upgrading, care must be taken to avoid overwriting custom themes. It is for this reason that a blogger should always back-up their theme prior to performing an upgrade. That will ensure that they have a copy should the upgrade process overwrite any vital files.


Simplicity Saves Times

Now that bloggers see just how easy it is to install WordPress in cPanel using Fantastico there is really no reason why they shouldn’t begin using this powerful and robust content managment tool. After taking just a few minites to complete the install they will be on their way to dealing with more important things like installing a unique theme, writing compelling content, and drawing visitors in to their site.


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