Create Free Money-Making Websites Super Fast

HubPages Offers No-Cost Webspace for Business and Individuals

HubPages is a unique free website community. If an individual or group desires to create a free, fast, easy one-page site to lead readers to blogs, favorite links, eBay auctions, Amazon books or music (and get a cut of the profits), a HubPages “Lens” (as they call the individual web pages) can be up and running in about a half hour.

Everyone is an Expert on Something

Whatever one’s interest, a web page may be made about it on HubPages. If one is a great fan of a movie star, for instance, one can set up a site about that person and sell related items (posters, etc.) through Amazon easily.

If one is a writer, having a HubPages page is a good way to send traffic to articles or blogs. For instance, a writer on ezine 101 could link to their profile, related articles, or add a special widget provided by ezine to writers.

A free HubPages website may be used to share knowledge, gain credibility as an expert in an area, or earn money. The promotional and fun possibilities are virtually limitless.

On HubPages it is Fast, Free and Easy to Set Up a Web Page

In about a half hour (the site says 5 minutes to set up, but that would be tough), following easy prompts, one can have a simple site online. This is mainly because the pages are made up of “modules,” so it is somewhat like using building blocks. One chooses the modules and puts them in the preferred order.

Even though it can be fast to set up a HubPages lens, if the webmaster wishes to take extra time, the page can be saved as a draft and left to be published at another time. Pages may be updated at any time, as well.

Making Money on HubPages

A combination of quantity and quality is the best bet when it comes to making money on HubPages. One can make several pages on the same subject with different “slants” and link them together. One can also just make a bunch of pages on different things or one ultra popular idea that people will go out of their way to find.

Some money-making pages that could be made might include:

  • A “store” to sell something unique (deluxe chocolate, wooden toys, etc)
  • A page about collectibles (miniatures, etc)
  • A resume with links to work examples online (clipart, etc)
  • A page by authors and artists for self-promotion
  • A page by a business (with coupons, location maps, etc)
  • Or just about anything!

The folks in charge of HubPages have few rules about what individuals can do, write, and sell on their pages. This makes HubPages a unique opportunity to be part of a community while still being able to express what one wants to express.


HubPages‘s unusual style may not work for everyone, but it is worth a look for those hoping to promote a business or make some money online without huge start-up costs. With its ease of use, low time investment, and free cost, HubPages is a low-risk way to promote or help start a business.

HubPages is also a great opportunity for stay-at-home moms, stay-at-home dads, or the unemployed to make money from home part-time.

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