Best WordPress Autoblog Plug Ins

Lets face it, much as we love to write, and earn a passive income most of us can’t really spend the time to churn out two or three articles a day which is required to keep Google interested. The answer to this problem (according to some at least) is auto-blogging. Below is a list of a few popular WordPress auto-blogging plug-ins available in the market.

WP Robot

WP Robot is one of the most popular and undoubtedly one of the better autoblogging WordPress plug-ins available. It draws RSS feeds as well as entire articles from legal sources such as Yahoo! Answers, Yahoo News or article directories. In addition it can also publish videos from Youtube, photos from Flickr and product reviews from Amazon. Though WP Robot even comes loaded with an E-bay module it seldom generates satisfactory results, and at least it didn’t quite work for me. You can also choose which modules to use for every set of keywords and even set timings probabilities etc. to make the posting look as little automated as possible.


It can also automatically add your Amazon Associates and E-bay Affiliates links to your posts.

The full version, priced at a steep $169 is probably one of the most expensive WordPress plug-ins available, so it might be a good idea to experiment with one of the cheaper versions ($30 onwards), which have fewer of modules, first. You can always add newer modules at a later date in order to meet your purpose.


Unlike WP Robot, AutoBlogged is only capable of publishing RSS feeds and not full length articles. As a result your site looks more like a classifieds ad agency and lacks conviction.

Priced at a competitive $59.99 for single users, I personally feel that it is an alternative worth considering only if for some reason WP Robot doesn’t work for you

Unique Articles Wizard

Capable of publishing full length articles as well as media, Unique Articles Wizard is surely an autoblogging plug-in to reckon with. It does not allow publishing any RSS feed and draws most of its articles from ArticleBase. Though UAW is essentially an automated system it is worth noting that its publishing is up to a certain extent hit triggered meaning the more hits your site gets the more articles it publishes (of course you can set an upper limit).

PLR to WordPress

This is a fairly simple plug in suitable for people having a large number of otherwise useless PLR articles on their hard disk. You simply load PLR to WordPress with your articles and it automatically publishes them at regular pre-specified intervals.

Two other plug-ins worth considering are:

Zip Poster (similar to PLR to WordPress)

Caffeinated Content (similar to WP Robot but lacking in Amazon and E-bay modules, while offering Yahoo answers in a variety of languages.)

Example of Automated Blog: To see how far autoblogging is really effective you might consider checking this fashion and clothing blog which is operating totally on auto pilot ever since its initiation. Please note that with just a little more effort and content filtering you will be able to get a lot more targeted articles related more closely to your niche.

NOTE: Using autoblogging is often considered unethical and if pursued unscrupulously may even lead to plagiarism and intellectual theft. Furthermore Autoblogging plug-ins seldom publish truly unique content so while using these plug-ins you are best advised to rewrite the articles before publishing in order to increase your credibility in the eyes of Google.

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