Personal Web sites for All Occasions

Sites Give the Average Joe an International Audience

No matter their purpose, these sites give anyone who’s interested an outlet to share what’s important to them. There are several categories of sites, and this article breaks them dow, organized by the way that the content that the user chooses to provide is dispalyed to the outside world.



Announcement Pages

A number of people use personal Web sites to relay announcements and news about themselves and what’s going on in their lives. Those announcements can range anywhere from graduation to marriage to starting a family.

The primary audience for sites like these are friends and family members of the site’s author, but as anyone can access such Web sites, personal information such as addresses, full names and phone numbers should be omitted.


Announcement pages are a great way to relay information to a large number of people and are popular because of their accessibility and ease of use compared to making individual phone calls, sending snail mail or even e-mail.

They are also helpful because visitors can return again and again to look for updates or to grab information they may have missed on their first visit.

Personal and Family Web sites

Personal and family Web sites are often used so that friends and/or family members that do not get a chance to see or talk to the site’s author can see what he or she is up to with just the click of a mouse.

These types of sites generally include information as well as pictures or other multimedia related to the person or family that is the subject of the site.

Again, the target audience generally knows the page’s author and/or the subject of the site, but caution should be taken since any personal information displayed on the site could fall into the wrong hands.

Business or Resume Sites

These sites are helpful for marketing one’s self for a career or job opportunity.

Information included on these sites include resume information like employment history and education information (barring too much personal information).

They can also include career goals and hiring opportunities for that individual or business.

Business and personal Web sites should remain professional, as possible employers could come across such a site and look down upon and display of irresponsible or unprofessional behavior.

Personal Interest Web sites

Personal Web sites don’t have to be about the author himself (or herself), rather they can be about a specific topic that interests the author — maybe a cause or a hobby that the author thinks himself an expert on.

A college basketball player, for example, might choose to have a personal Web site about basketball. The site might contain information about the rules of basketball, training tips, etc.

A personal Web site’s possibilities are almost limitless. Authors just have to use their imagination.

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