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A Book Review of WordPress 24-Hour Trainer by George Plumley

WordPress 24-Hour Trainer by George Plumley is an incredibly user friendly easy to understand step by step guide on how to create, maintain and manage a website using the WordPress content management system.

The book is published by Wiley Publishing Inc. and provides readers with a variety of ways to learn and understand how to create and customize a website using WordPress.

WordPress 24-Hour Trainer Review

Aimed at beginners, WordPress 24-Hour Trainer will actually benefit a wide variety of audiences and skill sets. Plumley provides readers with the basics including an overview on how WordPress works, how to plan a WordPress website and how to install WordPress.

Chapters one through three creates a basic foundation and as each chapter progresses Plumley builds upon this basic foundation. He gently guides readers through each chapter and takes a step by step approach to creating a website using WordPress.

Logging in to WordPress, navigating the admin panel, creating posts and pages, adding images, videos and graphics, working with the text editor, organizing and managing content and making a site user friendly are all covered in WordPress 24-Hour Trainer.


Plumley walks readers through each and every step involved in creating a professional looking comprehensive website. Each lesson contains clear easy-to-understand step by step instructions complemented by several screen shots.

Plumley’s writing style also enhances the appeal of WordPress 24-Hour Trainer. He creates a general excitement regarding the WordPress content management system and its ease of use. Plumley presents information in a way that entices readers to learn, practice and play. He gently guides his audience through each carefully planned lesson by building upon previous lessons in an organized and effective manner.

Another great component of this book is the DVD that comes with the purchase of the WordPress 24-Hour Trainer. The DVD contains a variety of extremely helpful instructional videos aimed at enhancing the learning process and facilitating an in-depth and clear understanding of how to use WordPress.

The instructional videos provide readers with the opportunity to put into practice what is being learned in each chapter. As each lesson is covered in WordPress 24-Hour Trainer a reader can play the corresponding instructional video and then practice the lesson being taught. This process enriches the learning experience by allowing readers to gain a thorough understanding of how to create and customize a WordPress site.

As with any content management system, users will every now and then run into troubleshooting issues. In addition to providing small troubleshooting tips throughout each lesson Plumley also provides readers with a variety of troubleshooting options including website addresses and online information included the end of the book in the Appendix.

WordPress 24-Hour Trainer by George Plumley is a valuable resource for those individuals who are interesting in creating a website and for those individuals who have built a WordPress website and want to further customize or improve upon the site.

WordPress 24-Hour Trainer Personal Perspective

George Plumley sent me a copy of his book for review and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and watching the DVD tutorials. Although WordPress may seem like a really technical and difficult content management system to learn, George Plumley has effectively taken the trial and error out of the equation. He has created a unique and easy to understand WordPress tutorial that provides clear instructions, crisp screen shots and powerful instructional videos.

WordPress 24- Hour Trainer is a great read and you will find that once you pick the book up and start reviewing the lessons you won’t want to put it down. The combination of step by step instructions, easy to understand lessons, helpful screen shots and must-have instructional videos make the learning process easy and fun.

The best part about WordPress 24-Hour Trainer is that you will always have it on hand as a continual reference when creating your own WordPress site.

WordPress 24-Hour Trainer Recommendation

WordPress 24-Hour Trainer by George Plumley is a must have book for anyone who wants to create their own website using WordPress. WordPress 24-Hour Trainer is available in major bookstores, online and at retailers throughout North America.

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