Xythos Content Management


An Online Document Management System to Rival SharePoint and Google

The growing trend of software as a service (SaaS) solutions for content management shows how much organizations want to or need to get away from expensive in-house software, deployments and support models. There are a number of SaaS content management solutions on the market today – Xythos On Demand is one them.

Xythos On Demand is an SaaS offering that is identical to the on-premise solution that gave Xythos its start in content management. Organizations can use Xythos On Demand to create, collaborate, store and manage documents.

Xythos On Demand Features

Xythos is a web-based document management system that can support the smallest to the largest enterprise. There’s no new software to use; it fits right in with all the desktop software users are already familiar with. This means that all Microsoft Office users are safe.

So the basics are that documents can be uploaded and stored on the Xythos Web environment. But what else?

  • Wiki Collaboration: The wiki lets users create non document based content and collaborate with team members. Writing is free form and users can add tables, format text and insert pictures. Wiki content is managed just like a document.
  • Workflow: Want to automate some business processes around documents? Xythos lets users create workflow templates that are reusable. Users can also secure content via the workflow template.
  • Xythos Drive: The Xythos Drive is a piece of software that users install on the desktop to provide “explorer view” like access to the On Demand site. This done by mapping drives and using Web-DAV.
  • Secure File Sharing: As an administrator, users can create groups and users and set permissions on who has access to what documents and content on the site. Users can also specify who can be involved in sharing a document.
  • No More Email Attachments: Instead of sending documents via email, Xythos provides a secure URL to place in an email that links to the user’s document.
  • Offline Synchronization: For those who are not always connected to the web, the Xythos Drive also enables users to continue working on documents offline. The next time users connect up, the Drive will automatically synchronize the documents back to the website.
  • Version Control: Users have it
  • RSS: Users can hook up with the latest changes to document and content via an RSS feed, and can subscribe to a document, a folder or a wiki.
  • Subscriptions and Alerts: Users can subscribe to get notifications for documents and folders based on read, write, delete and create (folders only). Users can also control how the alerts are delivered.


Xythos’s biggest competition comes from vendors like Google and their GoogleApps service, and Zoho. At the same time, SharePoint is still a potential competitor to Xythos, especially since it is now in the SaaS business itself.


Xythos On Demand can be purchased on a Monthly or Yearly Plan. The plan is based on the number of users for the application and the amount of space required.

For example, an organization with 5 users can purchase 5 GB of space for $50/month or $540/year. For an organization with 100 users, the cost for 100 GB of space would be $500/month or approximately $6500/year.

In addition, each plan has a monthly bandwidth quota for uploads and downloads. This quota is double the amount of storage quota for the plan.

Take a Xythos On Demand Trial Run

If users are a bit unsure, Xythos offers a 30-trial run to put the application through its paces.

Final Thoughts

All important decisions, like selecting a CMS, require lots of planning. Users should clearly understand their requirements and document some good examples of what they want to do. If the core of a user’s content management requirements is document management, then Xythos is a product to look closely at.

The On Demand solution is that much better because users can get up and running very quickly and grow as required at a reasonable rate. Take that test drive, this may be the solution you are looking for.

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