Great Websites for When You are Bored

Curb Your Boredom With These Fun Humorous Websites

These sites are amusing, witty and will waste away hours of your time if you let them.


FMyLife is a website where users from all over the world talk about the awful, funny and crazy things that have happened to them. If you thought your life was bad check out this website and you will be immediately cheered up.

College Humor

College Humor is a site for college students and also anyone else who wants a laugh. The site is funny and contains posts with amusing stories, anecdotes, pictures and even videos.

This website has been around a while and has an extensive archive that will keep you entertained for hours.


Cracked is a website that contains great lists about hilarious topics as well as videos, pictures and blog posts.

What is great about this website is that users can contribute their own material to post on the site.


On some days it appears Facebook has taken over the world. Everyone is using it and that means every now and then someone will post something that is . . . well lame.

Lamebook posts funny status updates, pictures and all amusing Facebook related material that they deem lame.


This website is not as specific as the others as it is a great resource for everything you could ever imagine doing online to curb your boredom.

At Bored you can find free online games, videos, ways to make money, humor, quizzes and the weird and wonderful.

This site has a wealth of information and it is likely you will be there for a long time sifting through their material.


Everybody has heard of YouTube.Com yet not everybody makes use of the site as it is huge. This site is full of videos produced by anybody from television networks to the average Joe.

What this means is that their is a lot of junk on this website but there are some great videos to check out. You can see clips from your favorites television shows as well as funny mishaps from around the world.

There are many websites out there and sometimes it can be hard to find that needle in the haystack, a site which offers consistently great original content. These websites do just that and have the added bonus of being funny and unfortunately addictive. Go check them out but be prepared to lose hours of your day exploring these sites and the fantastic content they have to offer.

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