Rebound from a Website That Stinks. Here’s How

But, there is hope! Here are some fantastic website builders who have a small monthly fee, don’t require technological expertise to create a website, and have great earning potential due their large, reputable presence on the Internet.

A List of the Best Website Builders

Squarespace–For approximately 8 bucks a month, a website owner can have access to a fully hosted, completely managed website, blog, or portfolio. It is ideal for bloggers, small and big business owners, professionals, and those seeking a flexible web platform with different optional packages. If someone already has a website or blog elsewhere, Squarespace can transfer the picture, posts, and files over to this website host.


There are analytic tools to let the website owner know exactly where they are getting their traffic from. The templates are easy to rearrange and customize to suit an individual’s needs and interests. The photo galleries are bar none! The editing tools walk the website owner through every step, assuring no stone is left uncovered or is overlooked accidentally.

Snappages–This website host is exactly as the name implies, it’s a snap to make your website in a very short period of time! If one has not heard of this site before, they surely will in the near future. There are already thousands of happy fans flocking to this website wanting access to their beautiful templates, personal or professional website option packages, vast widgets library, HTML codes (that are easy to obtain, copy and paste!), SEO setting, detailed analytical reports, a large amount of storage (up to 10 gigs), and many other wonderful and unique offers.

The best part is that there is a free website hosting package as well as paid packages.

Yola–This site is not as well known and is a lot more expensive. However, they have more to offer to professionals who want to step up their game and have a lot more bells and whistles when they set up their website. For about $50 a year, the website owner can have:

  • Custom Domain
  • Editable background
  • Multiple pages
  • Have a sub-domain
  • Schedule appointments on the website
  • No ads
  • Over 60,000 widgets to choose from
  • Limit access if desired
  • 24/7 customer service

Weebly–This site offers a lot for free. They have over 70 customizable templates, website editor, a large library of content elements, no ads, and many widgets at the website owner’s disposal. There are fewer bells and whistles, but this site offers a lot for a free package.

Moonfruit–This host site is by far the best pricing for what the website owner gets, according to critics. The website owner can have a free website, or they can choose from many different other packages that have a wide range in scale for pricing.

The website owner can choose 3rd party widgets or take advantage of the very large library of widgets just for Moonfruit users. The SEO tools and site promotion tools are outstanding, promising a very profitable margin of sales for business owners. The social networking integration is very helpful in launching a Moonfruit website.

Moonfruit is one of the largest website builders out there on the Internet, so it is very likely that most people have at least heard of their website. The website is ad free. The owner gets five free email accounts, a free domain name, and Google Adwords vouchers up to £50. The bandwidth and storage size is incredible- up to 60 GB! This site is used worldwide.

Considerations before Launching a new Website

It takes a lot of time to build a successful business and a website. It doesn’t happen over night. To expect anything differently is ludicrous! By launching a website too soon, the owner risks making a poor first impression that can’t be recovered.

Building a great website takes a lot of patience too, even if one is very knowledgeable about technology and HTML codes. There are great tips on the Internet that will steer a new website owner away from common mistakes. If a website owner is still unsure if they have made a fool of themselves in cyberspace, they can easily submit their website to Free Online Spider Simulator (for free).

It takes a mere second or two to assess the owner’s site. Then, a detailed report can be ascertained and analyzed. The website owner will know every area of their website that they need to fix so that potential customers can find the site user-friendly and attractive.

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